Car Body Repairs

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Car Body Repairs

Car Body Shop Exeter Ltd. are specialists in car body repairs providing a first-class service including collection and free estimates. For car body repair big or small, such as panel beating and rust removal from any part of the car bodywork we will have your car looking brand new. Competitive prices, excellent customer relations and a highly experienced team ensure that when you retain our services it will be a hassle free experience.

Car Bodywork Repairs

For car bodywork repairs such as bumper repairs/refurbishment, car painting, dent removal, scuffs, scratches and sun damaged paintwork, we have the skill and facility to transform your tired and worn car into a work of art.

We will plastic weld your bumper crack, split or gorge, remove heavy oxidation (which causes premature rusting), car restoration, colour restoration and just about every car repair, car body repair to your vehicles bodywork.

Our car bodywork team will fully restore your car's bodywork and car restoration by first shaping metal, removing rusted fragmented old metal, panel beating, remove car dents, make essential car body modifications, apply rust treatment and/or weld 'new' metal to reinforce fragmented & rusted car repair area, before applying filler, primer to respray vehicle.

Damaged panels such as bumper & rear section, chassis, sills or panels that have been involved in a car accident can, in most cases, be fully repaired and restored to original condition by way of jigging panels into alignment.

2mm steel is used to repair and reinforce chassis. Chassis is completely seam welded when we perform the car bodywork repair.


Preparation is key to a successfully great looking paint job and for long lasting eye catching paintwork. Time spent on the preparation is exhausting but rewarding. Masking of windscreen, lights, headlights, door handles, indicators, alloys, yes alloy wheels must be masked too. We must not forget that the engine bay will need to be masked, along with the car exhaust system - bumpers too if they are colour coded.

All paintwork/bodywork is painstakingly worked on to remove dents, dings, rust, scratches and scuffs, etc. Considerable time is spent on car body preparation & conditioning bodywork - preparing it to go on primer inside our clean bodyshop.

Finally once on primer a guide coat is applied to the bodywork to check once more for any dings, dents, scratches that were missed or hard to remove. All bodywork surfaces must be cleaned often whilst car painting, using panel wipe, and air from an air hose should be used to remove unwanted dust/particles that may come into contact with bodywork of vehicle.

Thereafter our car painting jobs team will be begin to respray your vehicle, adding generous coats of colour matched car paint & 2 pack car lacquer, before going into our huge oven!

Car Body Kits

Car body kits can dramatically change the appearance of your car. Whether you're looking to spruce up your car instead of having to buy a new one or just fancy a change from the usual appearance, car body kits can provide you with a modern and trendy look.

Body kits are considered by many to be an accessory, a cosmetic addition but professionally and expertly crafted to your car body, will dramatically change/improve the appearance of your car, the overall car body and increase its resale value! Our expertise ensures that your car is finished to the highest standard and specification. Why not treat yourself and your by having us install your car body kit.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels have now become common on cars driven in the UK.

Whether alloy rims have been added after purchase or were included when purchased, it can safely be said that they add value to the vehicle as well as its looks.

Car Body Shop Exeter Ltd. Alloy Refurb Technicians are fully trained in alloy wheels refurbishment. When they inspect, in person, only then will it be mentioned whether repair or refurbishment will be done on the spot or whether the rims need to taken away.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy wheel refurbishments are important in maintaining the appearance (like a style statement!) of your vehicle as well as adding value to it. They can look elegant and neat or amazing in appearance. With so many types, looks to choose from alloy wheels have really become a serious car accessory. Whether it is wheel repair or installation of alloy wheel refurbishment in Exeter, the our alloy wheel technicians should be able to meet your needs.

Lease Return Check

When you return your vehicle at the end of the lease you may be in for a shock in the exorbitant prices they will charge you for any damage to your car.

Let us give your vehicle a FREE no obligation lease return check that will save you money.